subject. land of moz

title. sapphire banana

status. active | limited program design 

collaboration: robin sprong + franco moz









land of moz | sapphire banana

    • Produced in both South Africa + USA 
    • Sold and produced in square footage
    • Type II wallcoverings with an estimated 20 Oz. weight
    • Mold | Mildew Resistant
    • Our non-toxic water-based inks are safe for anywhere, including nurseries & hospitals. 
    • Antibacterial | antimicrobial wallpaper has been designed for tough environments. Our wallpaper helps to stop bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew that breed in moisture and spread. These papers are a great solution for adding safe and creative art to your walls.
    • Post-consumer waste 
    • UV Resistant
    • Class A safety-rated