Black Water

Caitlin Mkhabise

Caitlin Mkhasibe graduated with a BFA at the Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2015. She is a Cape Town based artist and plays drums & discordant tones in the audio-visual ensemble, Morning Pages.

When she isn’t illustrating on paper or up-cycling clothes into wearable art, she also does handpoke tattoos.

The materials she uses to create art are animal friendly and she utilizes abstract mark-making to render organic textures from nature to discuss political ecology, metaphysical moods and outer space.

Caitlin explores how human made sounds affect echolocation between marine life. This is done through interpretations of spectogram/ sonographic textures amalgamated with illustrated parts of ships and creatures of the deep to form a coalescence of beings in and fragments of underwater scenes. Another eclectic element of her work is the use of homemade vegetable inks to illustrate the interdependence between natural ecosystems.

Proudly made in Cape Town, South Africa

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Email: info@houseofherman.com

Phone: 212-464-8177

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